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SEARCHING IDENTITY - Vnie Solo Art Exhibition 2020

Sep 28, 2020
SEARCHING IDENTITY - Vnie Solo Art Exhibition 2020
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Vnie’s passion for art began when visiting France, where she found inspiration through the contemporary
style from the19th & 20th centuryShe started painting to express her viewon modern society. Her art intends
to deconstructestablished concepts and help reflect onthe material alienations we regularly confront. Her
pieces often depict acolorful universe
and unusual scenarios meant to foster theacquisitions of new thoughts
and perceptions.

Art Exhibition

Jan 17, 2020
Art Exhibition
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I Wayan Januariawan (Donal)
Exhibition Time: will extend

I Wayan Donal's paintings are deceptively beautiful, soothing us into a calm contemplation of the simple wonders of nature. Painted in a sincerely joyful state of appreciation for the scene before him as he paints, he renders what he sees in a vibrancy translated directly from his surroundings. Donal is intensity devoted to translating the fullness of nature, including the social, historical, cultural and personal significance of things as simple as white flowers.

Donal grew up in Kutuh Kaja, Ubud, a village that is home to innimerable painters, most  of whom work in the traditioal style. As a yougster he learned the basic principles and techniques of this style that includes never painting real life scenes directly but always as they are reimagined by the artist.

After studying contemporary art at the National Art School in Denpasar (ISI Denpasar), his paintings took a turn for the decidedly sombar. After looking to express contentious issues and delve into the darker sides of human nature, this young painter found himself bored with the process of expressing abstract concepts in stident forms.

Seeking at first to simply challenge himself to try something new, Donal started developing the material aspect of his craft. ''Every profession has its function in society, and to perform one's function wel, one must gain expertise in our given field. As a painter my basic function is to paint, so I started focusing on this material aspect of making art, honing my skills to be able to perform my professional function well,'' explains Wayan Donal.

''I wanted to see if I could capture the world around me in all honesty, without pretense or mental analyses, no judgment, just paint what I see as well as I can. Part of this honesty includes the time that it takes to paint, say, a flower. The sun and shadows change over the time it takes me to paint it, so I include these different moments of lighting in each painting, because that is what I am seeing,'' he says - somewhat disingenuosly, as these visual variations bring a distinctive depth to his works than are perhaps intended.

Another thing that he does not say is that his unique feelings about what he is painting, and indeed his thoughts about the nature and culture in which he lives, also make their way into his works - not as a failure to render the scenes before him through the mastery of his craft, but in fact deliberately as way to infuse life, meaning and beauty into what are, after all, not simple documentations of nature but artistic expressions of the depth of nature, in all its vitality, interconnectedness, struggle and significance accorded to it by humans.  

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